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External cabling not complete, missed appointments

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Kelly contractors came out two weeks ago to trench, lay ducts, and run cables to my property.

Last week, another Kelly contractor came out to run the cables, said there was a blockage in the new ducts, and left.

Somebody was supposed to come and do a survey on Monday, no show. Somebody was supposed to come and do a survey today. No show.

Customer service tells me the survey has been marked complete, despite it not having been done.

Can somebody please take ownership of this to get things moving in the right direction?



On our wavelength

I called +448009522276. They are having the install team call me back.

No reply as yet.

And now it's been rescheduled to May. 😞

Alessandro Volta

its not impossible but call backs usually dont happen - its just a way of getting you off the phone thinking they care 

you can ring - whatsapp or send smoke signals and nothing will happen - the install system is broken as soon as there is a problem - the contractor will do what he wants in the time scale he wants and no one from VM will have clue or any influence on moving it forward

sooner or later staff [here] will get to the thread and apologise - give platitudes and at best offer to send it to the area field manger who might get off his backside and do something but is more likely to ignore any request and from the staff point of view here they will be able to do no more - so start with an expectation that it will go nowhere fast and you wont be disappointed

hopefully when you placed the original order they gave you an install date - if so yo are racking up a fiver a day compensation - dont fall for any of the fob offs to reduce the compensation like theres a delay as they need council permission - that take a couple of days not the 6 weeks plus they throw at you and dont cancel even if you decide enough of this shambles is enough - let it get installed take the fiver a day and cancel within the 14 day cooling off period

Tony - Sacked VIP


Sacked VIP

Hi @mikelward,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear you have not been having the best time getting installed. I will pop you over a PM to take a look into this for you, keep looking out for the little envelope 📩



On our wavelength

Thanks Zoie! Done.

One more missed appointment. One more appointment where they came, did nothing, and left.


@mikelward wrote:

One more missed appointment. One more appointment where they came, did nothing, and left.


So you’ve had the ‘sorry…’ message from a forum team member, the offer to help, but in reality nothing constructive actually happens, no? Almost as if -Tony-‘s response and prediction a month or so ago was some kind of witchcraft? Or, possibly he is fully aware of the broken nature of VM’s support provision!

Yeah. I spoke to Virgin and Kelly weeks ago and ensured they knew the whole story, but it seems Kelly came totally unprepared yet again today and Virgin aren't owning the problem or the communications.

I'm not sure why it's all so dysfunctional.