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External Loose Cables

Hi All,


Hope everyone is keeping safe and well , I've not posted on here in a while and I have been trying to get in contact with Virgin Media but I know how busy they are what with the current situation, not easy for anyone right now, anyways I hope that one of the lovely peeps or moderators at Virgin Media can help as I'm not wanting to do this myself in case I cause any damage.


Our next door neighbour has been having extensive building work over the last few months, today we told their builder who has taken the water downpipe to not go anywhere near the external Virgin Media cables that are on my side, they said they wouldn't do and carried on with their work, I have just been outside and just as I have suspected they have actually pulled the cable away from my house whilst replacing the downpipe, now I'm not 100% sure if any damage has been caused everything seems to be okay for now, but if someone can be sent out to get the cable reattached to the wall that would be great if possible, like I say I don't want to attempt this myself as don't want to cause any damage plus working from home I do need the internet, just a damn cheek that these builders of next door thought it was okay to pull the cables away from the wall.... Really annoys me... 😞 

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Re: External Loose Cables

Hi Mart280, 

Really sorry for the delay in getting back to you, as you can appreciate we are really busy. 

It's disappointing that your cables were removed from the wall after you asked them not too. Having had a look at your account I can see that you've since been in touch with the team who have been ale to organize this for you soon. 

Do let us know if you have any concerns in the meantime or after the visit. 


Emma_C - Forum Team
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