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Ethernet speed capped at 300MB on 1GB connection, Wifi 700MB ? Any suggestions.

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1GB internet speed, and via my mobile wireless I'm getting 700MB download and 100MB upload. Using the ethernet cable supplied with the device I'm only getting 300MB over ethernet and have tried this on 2 separate laptops even though the port reports 1GB connection.

I've connected a separate Ubiquity Wifi 6 AP for upstairs and through this via my phone I also only get 300MB download and 100MB upload which confirms that the ethernet is restricted to 300MB as I have tried 2 laptops and 1 AP via ethernet using separate cables. Anything via ethernet is limited to 300MB, what am I missing or i this one for virgin? PS this is day 1 so I have 14 days to decide or return.

I understand why I'm only get 700MB download as thi is all my wifi adapter support however there is no  reason why the ethernet is only getting 300MB.


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Are you still using the HUB in router mode?

What does this site show?


Alessandro Volta

Get new cables

Invero® High-Speed Cat 6 Ethernet RJ45 (8P8C) Male - RJ45 (8P8C) Male Network S/FTP LAN Cable PC Rou...

disable EEE or green Ethernet in NIC settings


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lee_Tech


Sorry to hear of the speed issues over ethernet from your Hub, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


From checking the connection, all of the levels appear in the ranges we'd expect them to be, the speeds available t the hub are 1143mbps download and 104.3mbps upload. These all look to be okay from this side, we'd double check the devices and if the network drivers are up to date on devices such as laptops and PC's, try alternate cables as legacy1 has advised.