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Ethernet connection wont work on any device unless VPN is on

Joining in

I use powerline adapters and have done for years. All of a sudden yesterday the cable connection stopped working on my laptop. I have checked on other devices as well and the ethernet connection is not working on any of the devices checked. However, as I always use VPN on wifi connections I turned VPN on and then the ethernet connection works.

As multiple devices wont work on ethernet but the ethernet works on my laptop when I have both wifi turned on and VPN on (but only with both on) I think this must be a problem with the router.

Has anyone else had this or know a fix?


Alessandro Volta

You'll only be able to prove this conclusively by taking the powerline out of the equation. What happens with the PC connected directly to the Hub and everything else turned off? 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Fibre optic

This does sound more like a routing issue than anything up with the Hub to be honest. Your mention of Powerline adapters is suggestive as these have a distressing habit of connecting to similar devices next door and playing havoc with how the data gets routed. Although you say you have had these for some time with no issues, are you sure that a neighbour hasn’t recently bought a set and connected them up?

As jpeg1 says, we need to use a process of ‘divide and conquer’ here, take the power lines out of the equation as a temporary measure, plug a device directly into the hub and see what happens.