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Engineer scheduled multiple times - cancelled FIVE times with ZERO notification.

We moved into a new build apartment recently where the internet set up should be a simple fast straight forward connection to the internet given that each flat already had a Virgin Media router set up. Unfortunately this was not the case. First time the engineer came on the 19th, he mentioned there was some issue with the internal cabling. He said he would escalate to his manager and call back. We had zero response. We had no choice but to call the Virgin Media customer service helpline, where we rescheduled another appointment, however they sent another first line engineer and every time they would identify the same problem and mention they do not have the right resources to solve the issue and that it would need to be directed to another team. Every time they have said that they would escalate to their manager and call back, yet zero response again. This happened again back and forth for another three times. Until one engineer finally called back and said the cable engineer would come the next Monday and if not they would call back. We asked for a contact number in case a cancellation occurs again so we would not have to go through the 1 hour customer service help line wait time. He said he was not able to disclose any contact details. On Monday, the engineer did not show up again with zero notification and we had to go through the hassle of scheduling an appointment. We managed to schedule an appointment with the customer service for Thursday and now it is Thursday and another no show. They have even changed the appointment in the system from the 4th to 11th without telling us. Given that customers are entitled to a compensation when a cancellation occurs, we find it appalling that Virgin Media has the ability to just alter appointments in the back end without notifying their customers - in fact it may even be considered borderline fraud.
We have spent over 15+ hours on the phone trying to get this sorted and our phone bills for mobile hotspot have amounted to over £100+. Furthermore, given the mobile signal connection in this area is weak (only 3G), it has almost been impossible to work optimally with the connection disconnecting every so often. Our employers are frustrated with our performance at work and it has caused slight reputational damage on our side given that we are unable to work at our 100%. This also results in a loss of money for our employers as well. This is especially worse given that we are in lockdown, we are only limited to working from home. We find Virgin's lack of response and way of handling completely unacceptable and unfair. We have been spent way too much money from our pockets yet still while paying Virgin for no service. We have our hands tied and do not know what to do in this situation. Has anyone been in the similar situation? We are thinking of exploring legal actions, if we continue to experience no news from Virgin. 
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Re: Engineer scheduled multiple times - cancelled FIVE times with ZERO notification.

Virgin services are not guaranteed in any form because it's a residential service. If you require broadband for business purposes then you need to invest in a business broadband service. 

Regardless of any date given by Virgin media, it can take weeks, sometimes months to deliver the service. Things are taking longer at the moment because of the current covid 19 lockdown situation. Other companies such as BT have completely halted all non-urgent call outs including installing new phone lines unless you are a vulnerable customer and have no other way of contacting people. 

Furthermore, if installing your cable requires permission from the council then it may add another 8 weeks delay to your installation for council approval. 

You can explore legal action all you like as Virgin don't have any obligation to offer any service. 

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