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Enabling Modem Mode on Hub 5x

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I have recently had Virgin installed and have a 5x hub.

I told them all along I need to use my own equipment (I am an IT professional and need certain security and wifi solutions) and was told this isnt an issue as you can put the hub in Modem mode.

However the option for Modem Mode is not there.

Can anyone shed light on how you enable it?


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You don’t, currently the firmware on the 5x lacks the modem mode facility. It may, or may not be enabled with some future update, but, alas, nobody on here will be in any position to say when that might be - if at all, to be honest!

The best you can currently do is to attach your own router to the Hub 5x and work around the obvious double-NAT issue.

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Hi Danny,

I posted on Reddit for the same thing and someone gave me this link:

Assuming that you haven't change default IP of your router, that will take you to the page 

CAVEAT: I haven't enabled it as everyone says the router needs a firmware update for this to work and I dont want to make things worse.

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Cant edit my last post, but I have the option to put own router/equipment in to Bridge mode.  Still means you are using the Virgin hub for everything like DNS/DHCP/NAT etc, but it does mean I am covered by proper WiFi at least