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Easy renewal.

Joining in

Honestly how come Virgin Media get all the stick?

We currently pay £25 for 250, tv and phone.

Renewal was coming up 1st Nov, so called this afternoon (Sunday), went straight through to retentions, had an honest conversation with the guy on the phone, stated standard leaving etc cause end of contract increase etc etc, he offered £35 for same deal.

But then directed me to check the ‘change your package’ on the virgin media site whilst on the call, so he sat on hold while i logged on.

Lo and behold, I’ve just renewed for another 18 months for the same cost as I was offered that online, order went through, he confirmed he can see it, job done.

All done in 14 minute call.

I mean we are happy to pay the £25 a month for what we get and we’ve had no issues.


Alessandro Volta

VM gets so much stick because of the randomness of its customer services processes and the widely different experience that each customer might receive.

You've phoned up, got straight through and managed to get a renewal at the same price as you are currently paying (do double check that is actually what comes through on the renewal paperwork and that the deal does actually go through BTW!).

Someone else phoning up at the same time may have hung on the phone for ages, spoken to a useless and unhelpful CS agent, been transferred between multiple agents, got cut off during the call and ultimately been offered the same package at a more expensive price.

If you had tried the same process on a different day/time and with a different agent who answered you may have had a totally different offer/outcome/experience.

General wisdom on here seems to be that if the customer renews every 18 months, and does so in the last 30 days of the minimum term, then that often seems to result in a favourable outcome for the customer! If you have renewed for another 18 months at £25, then happy days!

On our wavelength

If really comes down to whom you end up speaking with.

Glad you got a decent agent.