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Due respect to virgin media delays

Tuning in

Due respect to virgin media employees. 

my reconnection date again changed to 29-aug today :). It has been changing since 5-July. It’s really great of them 🙂


great commitment to support their customers 

rather than that it is better to cancel Freyr services. The worst service provider that I have ever seen. Changing dates every 2 weeks and they don’t know why 


On our wavelength

To be absolutely fair, the likelihood is that you haven’t, at any point, been speaking to any VM employees. You have actually been talking to a third party, contracted call centre worker, and there is a non-zero chance that the next call they are  presented with will be for support on Hotpoint washing machines, and they will do exactly the same thing, ie read off from a script presented on the screen in front of them. Such is the way these things work.

Now that aside, what you have experienced is a, certainly not unique, VM on-boarding experience. Take a look through the various threads on this section of the forum and you will see that your case is most certainly not unheard of, and what options are available to to you to expedite it - which is, alas, none whatsoever!

In a slight defence of the people you have been speaking to, actually no, they literally don’t know what the hold up is or when to will be done, or even if it ever will be done, the screen in front of them, simply won’t give any useful information, well other than the oft reported ‘it will definitely be done today’, and this has exactly the same level of confidence as ‘The Sun’ daily horoscope! And this is by company policy and the way senior management have decided is the cheapest best way to run a customer service provision - so no real point complaining, it’s all working exactly the way they intend it to!

Look; just set yourself a date after which you will give up on VM and look elsewhere, there may well be a response on here from a member of the forum team (VM employees, and this might well include phrases such as ‘have you contacted the team and what did they say’, ‘this is not the level of support we aim to provide’, etc.), which is fine, but their ability to practically help you to resolve this, is about on the same level as my cat.

Using the tactic of 'if you are asked a question you can't answer throw a question back at them until the problem disappears into the long grass'. A very old, transparent and discredited ploy  discontinued by reputable companies. Still being used by VM - it can even be seen in some threads that the 'delay question' has been covered in the original post.