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Dropped kerb

Hi hope someone can help with this please trying to get hold of someone in virgin as i need a survey done where I want a dropped kerb the council has noted that virgin(cabletel) manhole cover is in the vicinity of where I want the kerb dropped and has advised that I need to speak to virgin media and have them assess it. Whether it needs them to work on it or not but it needs checking, I'm having terrible trouble locating an email or a phone number where I can speak to someone about this to help me get it resolved. 

Hope someone can help with this please

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Dropped kerb

wait for VM to pick up the thread - that can take a day or two - they will put you in touch with the correct team - there is a charge of a few hundred pounds for them to come and have a look - if it needs work then it can get VERY expensive - thousands of pounds has been mentioned elsewhere


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Re: Dropped kerb

Hi 2bmws,

We can certainly get you in touch with our team to get this looked at. Just so you are aware the cost for the initial survey is £250.00 + Vat. I will pop you over a message to get some details and pass them on 🙂