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Do they always lie about the installation?

Let me start by saying I have been with virgin media for over 3 years in my previous flat and i haven't had a single issue.

But oh boy are they a nightmare this time... My partner moved into this flat a year ago and at the time she tried to get virgin media broadband but when the installation day came they said they needed to do some external works and couldn't give her a set day so she went with somebody else.

I tried to go with them initially at the end of September. My first installation day came two weeks later and it got cancelled and moved another 2 weeks. I phoned them and explained what happened previously and if there was anything that could be done on my end so it would go through to which they replied no and assured me that external works are getting done the following day and my installation will be on time. Here comes the 2nd installation date, finally, yay, right? No, cancelled again. This time I get an email from wayleave that they need email address from the shop below so they could sign some agreement for it to go through, I cancel it myself at this point.

End of November, I ordered it again. I had installation date set for 9th December, explained on the phone what my issue was previously and gave them the email address for the shop below. I even emailed to wayleave myself and gave them the email address as well. Do you think it's happening today? Let me tell you, no. I got a text yesterday evening saying that they appearently sent the crew to do the work and some fault came up so it's delayed until f* knows when. Does this mean I'm getting 5£ a day off the bill until they install it now as per their policy? Or do I just tell them where to go and go with EE broadband instead?

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Re: Do they always lie about the installation?

There won't be a bill until the connection is made. If your account has been charged that will be set against future charges. 

There will be compensation for the delayed installation, providing it was Virgin's fault. If there were reasons beyond their control, e.g. wayleave not received or permission needed to dig up pavement then no compensation.

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