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Do Virgin check other providers to your home?

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A new provider called Toob (£25 p/m 900mb down and up) is installing in my area but they can't give me a date when it will be active. I hope it's not far away as I see their guys installing down the bottom of my road. My contract with Virgin (250mps BB only) is due to expire end of October.

If i go through the route of cancellation and say I'm going to Toob(even though it's not currently active), do they check this info at retention to offer a better deal?

If toob become active I will go with them but if not then I would consider another contract with Virgin but can I get them to improve the speed and reduce cost to match?

Thanks in advance for any input


Alessandro Volta

VM will be aware of the competitors in your area but they are unlikely have detailed information on the operations and business plans of a rival company.

Have a read of this past post from Andrew-G at the bottom of this page which might give you some pointers on the business of renewing with VM

It is probably true to say that the customer has most negotiating leverage when they are in the last 30 days of a minimum term with VM.

If you stick with VM though, do factor in the April price rises of RPI+3.9% which are baked into contracts now (for all except those few who strike a fixed price deal with VM).

Hi @jazmin8 

Thank you for your first post and your query regarding possible package renegotiation. 

We would hate to see you go and we want to best help. Was the advice given by @goslow useful? Please also check to see if you may be entitled to Early disconnection charges as seen here


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