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Dissapointing installation - rescheduled cable repull no show

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19th April 2023 - official date of installation = postponed and rescheduled.

2nd May 2023 - external cable works complete (apparently working)

9th May 2023 - virgin engineer came to install router and complete internal wiring. Notices that the external cables are not working. Booked in external engineering team to complete cable repull on 10th May 2023.

10th May 2023 - no one showed up, nothing is done. No notifications about possible delays.

24th May 2023 - earliest date for cable repull (doubtful).

Days without Internet: 21

Virgin won't provide a dongle with data or any compensation for me to purchase temporary 4g data services as its showing that my service is up and running (just because the router was installed). 

Any help please. 


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Claim no internet service compensation if VM are playing that game, it pays more than delayed installation 

Alessandro Volta

keep a note of it all - you are due compensation from the 1st install date at over a fiver a day - dont be put off when it all gets installed and rubbish bout council permission and/or preliminary install dates are pulled out of the VM excuse hat - if they dont pay or want to offer you £30 or so reject any offer and go to arbitration

you can start the preliminaries now and open a complaint - they will likely fob it off in what they think passes for english - thats ok just ask for a deadlock letter and sit on it until you are installed then sort out the compensation you are owed either [hopefully] via vm or via arbitration - if the latter add £50 to £100 for the messing about and the fact they wont sort it


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jonishi

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that you're facing some complications regarding a delay of your installation. I assure you that we'll be doing all that we can to get this completed ASAP, but unfortunately there are factors that can delay that.

Have you spoke with the team about this at all since your last post here? If so, have they offered any further details or revised timelines for the work to be carried out for you?


Zach - Forum Team
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@Zach_R wrote:

Hi @Jonishi


I assure you that we'll be doing all that we can to get this completed ASAP, but unfortunately there are factors that can delay that


What factors would they be then? Terminal incompetence and broken systems on VM’s part maybe?

If you had read the thread, it does seem that cables have been laid, but not connected, the issue is that VM still seem to waste both their and the OP’s time and money, by sending techs out even though the connections may or may not be in situ! You know, almost as if there isn’t actually any sort of joined-up thinking with regard to VM’s installation procedures!

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I have been waiting for my external cable pull for 2 months now they keep rescheduling the appointment without any explanation.

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Forum Team (Retired)

Hey Mehulmakwana, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I am really sorry to hear of the experience you've been having waiting for a re-pull - I can appreciate this must be really frustrating. Upon taking a look from our side, I can see you've been able to speak with the team who has confirmed the appointment with you. 


Please keep us posted how you get on.