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Did anyone get more than one retention call?

Joining in

I cancelled virgin media 2 days ago as their pricing was ridiculous (wanted to charge me 103 pounds for what I currently pay 60, 3 years ago I was paying 50). On the cancellation call they offered me jt for 61.50 which I still refused and gave me 30 days notice.

The loyalty team called me yesterday and offered me a much worst offer of 65. I of course declined.

Is this the end of the road for me or can I expect another call?


Alessandro Volta

Only VM knows the answer to your question. And the answer to how much effort VM will put into 'retaining' you might be based on a whole bunch of things including what your bundle of services includes, how likely VM thinks you are to actually leave, alternatives available to you in your area and so on.

Have you researched the current alternatives and pricing in your area so you know what your alternative options are? If not, you won't know if any offer VM comes up with is any good or not or whether you might be best off ditching VM for another provider.

Also factor in, when comparing, VM's 3.9%+RPI annual price increases which are now part of a VM contract.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi shree083, 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting. 

We are very sorry to hear you will be leaving us, this is not what we would want. 

Our team will reach out with offers that are available at the time. If any other deals become available, they will be back in touch but I am afraid this is not guaranteed.