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Denied compensation

Joining in

6 installation dates were canceled. First, when I signed up for the 25th of May 2023, it eventually got installed on the 4th of August. This is not my primary residence, so had to make travel arrangements to be there to facilitate each installation date, only to have it pushed two days out. Each install required me to be there in person and they be over 18. There was never any mention of ground works, but it has since transpired that that was the hold up, ground works on my property.

After spending a day on whatApp with them they gave me a number for the preinstallation team. After spending 2 hours on to them they informed me that the computer said I was not entitled to automatic compensation. They said that the building management company had held up the groundwork. That is not true and this is a fully detached house on land owned by me. No shared areas.

I then made a complaint, I was informed that I was not going to be charged for the period that the broadband was not installed, and that's my compensation. I wasn't aware that it was legal to be charged for a service I had yet to receive!

The complaint was closed via email stating complete lies about groundwork attempts and delays outside Virgin Medias control. They sited delays on permits, but I know that was not the case as the Virgin Media ground box with fibre duct was in place before I placed the order.

I'm assuming they are taking this stance as there are so many installation delays, it's cheaper to deny automatic compensation that have an Ofcom dispute.


Alessandro Volta

Read the reply here on another 'no compo' topic

In the above case the excuse was 'council permissions'. In your case it sounds like 'wayleave/access' (VM has a range of standard excuses which it likes to put out).

Start preparing your case to go to arbitration.

Find the 'date initially confirmed in writing' when VM said it would 'activate' your services. That forms the basis for when your compensation claim would start (para 9 in the OFCOM doc within the linked topic above).

As you can see from the 'success' stories in the link above, customers can/do claim the compensation they are rightly owed but it requires some effort to collect and collate all the evidence in an understandable way for the ombudsman and to match that evidence to the terms of the scheme.

The fact that you have had such a long wait, and VM advises no compensation at all, does not sound credible/possible.

VM offering lesser amounts than the compensation scheme is regularly mentioned on here.