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My quick set up kit was meant to come on the 10th of July Monday was out for delivery and because of some type of delay it got sent back to Yodels delivery depot I got a message from virgin saying sorry for the delay will come on the 11th I stay in yet a whole other day and still nothing the parcel didn’t even leave out for delivery 12th I stay in yet a whole other day I called up Yodel just kept sending me links to salve my problem I am having then I called virgin around 3pm to talk about the problem I am having with my delivery as it still hasn’t been out for delivery at that time of day and the lady just told me to wait I was really disappointed with the solution she said to me and even told me to contact Yodel myself on webchat I told her if it doesn’t come today that I wanna cancel the quick setup kit as i been waiting in the house for 3days straight and wasn’t able to get any of my assignments done due not getting delivered at all if I knew before getting told It was gonna come the next day and never showed up and next day and never showed up and was given a accurate date I would of never proceeded getting your broadband I needed it for finishing up my last college assignments and because of the terrible delivery service virgin is using shows how terrible the service is gonna be I did do as the lady said I talked to 4 different people on the Yodel webchat which all 3 was awful kept telling me there’s nothing they can do about it it says it’s coming today it coming today wait until 9pm I explained how that’s what it’s been saying for the last 2 days it’s coming today and nothing at all then the last person I talk to was so honest with me what I had wanted someone to be from the beginning and solve the issue as she was able to confirm the parcel was not possible to get to me today she was able to solve the issue of getting it out to me so she sent it back to the senders address as now the parcel will be back in your hands in 5-7 working days virgin what are you gonna do to solve the issue now I have gotten work all the rest of this week and didn’t get any assignments done due to your service which had to all be completed and handed in by this week am i gonna get a prioritise engineer send out asp preference morning as I work from 4pm? Am really disappointed my leftover assignments would of already been completed but now am gonna have to go into college before work when I don’t even have any lessons draining me out for work when the assignments would of already been done if it was just delivered on the day it was meant to come on the 10th if I knew delivery date was gonna be later in week I would have been going into college to complete and now thanks to virgin I have got to juggle college work and work when all of the assignments should of been done on my days off.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Zanejames166,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay with your equipment being delivered, we know how frustrating this must be especially as you need to get your college assignments finished.

Can we just clarify if our team advised they would be able to do a manned installation for you instead of waiting for your equipment?

This means that we would get an engineer out to install your equipment for you instead. We appreciate you have to work and have already waited for the last 3 days, however if this option is better for you, we can get try and get this arranged as quickly as possible for you.

Please let me know if you would like us to do this and we can get the order changed for you.

Kind regards Jodi.