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Delayed pre pull and install

Hi there,

I moved house on the 27th November. I notified virgin of the move  on the 27th October and was told the service would be set up on the 30th November. This provided more than a months notice to get everything done, so I hoped.

The engineer turned up on the 30th but the pre-installation work hadn’t been done, meaning the delay hadn’t been communicated to me or the engineer. I’ve phoned Virgin every day since and been told the pre-installation work is booked for “today” each time. No work has been done

I’ve been told that the installation is now planned for 22nd Dec, almost 2 months after my original communication with Virgin and almost a full month after it was supposed to be set up. I’m never given a reason for why there is a delay or why the date can’t be set in stone for pre-installation work.

I’ve been promised £25 credit against my first bill but given I’ve had to travel to my office due to no internet, this is a paltry compensation given the costs of travelling and the risks of Covid currently.

I’ve used virgin in the past at multiple properties and when the service works it’s great. I’ve not had issues previously. Virgin provide the best speeds and at the most competitive prices.

However, getting in touch with customer services shouldn’t be such a hassle; I’ve had multiple dropped calls after waiting for up to 45 minutes. I’ve been repeatedly told the same thing with no clear answers about my installation date "we need to do the pre-pull before installation can happen". I know this now but nobody seems to know when the pre-pull will happen. I’ve been told that the service is planned for pre-install every day for 10 days now.

I have no faith that Virgin will do any of the pre-installation work for me to have broadband on the 22nd Dec. Purely because you have the best speeds does not give reason to fob off your loyal customers and delay their installations without any reason.

At this rate I could have gone to another organisation and had them install their service but, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve not previously had issues with Virgin and wish to remain a customer.

I don’t want to get to the 22nd Dec and then be told there are further delays at the last minute. If it’s not possible to get virgin at my new property, I just want to be told up front and not waste my time or the time of your customer service staff.

How do I find out more exact info on when the pre-install work will be taking place other than "it's planned for today".


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Re: Delayed pre pull and install

In all honestly, you can't. It's scheduled in for the day, but if it's not actually carried out that day for some reason, it rolls onto the next day. This happens until someone tells them the work is done. If there are problems such as a blocked duct, this can cause the date to roll over for several months whilst they apply for planning permission/etc. 

So the best guess is "It'll be done eventually".

It's the problem with outside contractors. 

You COULD ring the pre-installation team instead of standard CS but they'll only know if it's being done soon (and that might still be today, until it's not) 


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