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Delayed installation

Joining in

Hi everyone, I have recently bought a new build house, with virgin media cables pre installed and ready to be connected. I got an initial engineer appointment of the 2nd Nov. This has now been pushed back 2 weeks with reasoning being the engineers “need to do external works”. I spoke the building company and they have confirmed that the cables are already installed. I tried to explain this over the phone but with no luck. I work from home with no access to an office so simply cannot be without internet for this period of time. Luckily I’m on leave next week but back to work on Monday the 6th. Any advice on how to get this resolved? Not at all impressed with virgin media already and if they are unable to bring this date forward I will be looking if there are any ways get out of my contract 


Alessandro Volta

You don't need to look for ways. You can leave free of charge any time until 14 days after the service is actually connected. 

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Up to speed

Your not in a contract until you are connected you can cancel anytime, be aware though that you won’t get anywhere ringing VM the customer service people have no idea when installs are going to happen, you could be waiting a long time, VM mods on here will say they will pass it on but nothing will happen, it’s a waiting game, could be tomorrow, next week or next year

Alessandro Volta

Your best option could be a MiFi router with a 30-day data-only SIM card. This is a good backup also for those who WFH.

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Alessandro Volta

It is not uncommon for topics on here involving new builds to mention this. The cables may well be in place but possibly not the wider infrastructure for the service.

As already advised by the posts above, you will get no sensible answers from VM.

You could maybe try asking some of your new neighbours if they have a working VM service in place. This might at least give you a bit of a clue as to whether it is just general VM 'confusion' holding up your installation or whether others have run into the same problem when trying to get installed with VM.