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Delayed installation

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Some assistance would be great. I've been waiting 6 months for an installation, have tried contacting various times to get it resolved but just keep getting met with the same scripted rhetoric. Each time being promised it will be sorted on the agreed upon date only to have it inevitably pushed back again and again. I'd like to know how to escalate this to a department or person who can actually deal with the issue as opposed to speaking to people who sadly don't have the information Infront of them to do anything other than offer empty sentiments. The problem is the road needs digging out so the engineer can perform the pull through. The same engineer has been 3 times since November and each time has been informed that the road works have been done but upon arrival finds out nothing has actually been done. I've checked with the local council onenetwork site and there are zero planned works with virgin in the next 12 months. Got another planned instal for the 13th but am 100% sure this is going to be push back. Have submitted a complaint. Would just like to talk to someone who actually deals with road works/construction to see about getting this hurried up as apparently and agents who I call have zero contact with any of the back end team. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @EarlofLemonGrab,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that there's been some delays and set backs to the installation of your services. Have the team explained to you what the cause is for the delays? What's the currently scheduled installation date?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi there cheers for the response. Yeah the engineers have said it needs the silt removing so they can perform the pull through. As for every time I phone up it's just rest assured the work will be completed. Then either sidestepping what's causing the hold up or promises it will be completed or saying they don't know or that it's the wrong department. The lastest date I have ATM is this Thursday the 13th. But sadly I have very little faith in that. Will update one way or the other. 

Yep. Just received a notification saying it's been pushed back to the 28th of April. No update as to why or how far along any actual work is just another message promising another date that will no doubt just get pushed back again a couple of days before it's due to be done. 

28th must be a popular day for delayed installations, mine has been moved twice and now on 28th, Virgin didn’t change the date with my current supplier for the phone transfer so I could have lost my broadband service on Friday if I hadn’t contacted them. It does seem very disorganised as VM can’t tell me when external works will be completed as it’s done by a third party, on the bright side I did get an email saying I will get automatic compensation.

Aye. Just an honest update would be great. At this point I'm debating taking it to ofcom or renting out some machinery and just doing the supposed work myself. From what I can gather it's just a matter of some blockage in the hole where they pull the cable through. Which I don't understand because I can see the hole at the front of my house and it's clear. Someone somewhere at virgin is dropping the ball and despite it sounding like a bad joke, For one of the largest companies in the world dealing with communication they see to have a very distinct lack of it. 

Hi EarlofLemonGrab,

Very sorry for the delays with your installation, I can appreciate this is frustrating. I can see that you have a complaint raised with our installation team already, and they will be able to offer you a further update.


Do you mean the complaint I made about a week ago and was supposed to have a manager call me back which never happened or the complaint I raised on your site that I've still had zero response from? 

Hi EarlofLemonGrab,

I am very sorry that you've not had a satisfactory response to your complaint. We are very limited to what we can do for pre installation issues, as we don't have the necessary tools to be able to assist further. However we can see that your case is with the right team and we have arranged for a WiFi Dongle to be sent out to you in the meantime whilst your services are pending installation.

Kind regards


Aye I appreciate the dongle being sent. Still heard nothing from the complaints department though & nothing from a manager who was supposed to call. Did receive a call from pre-instal saying they 100% guarantee that I'll be hooked up on the 28th despite the work outside my house still not being completed and no answer as to why it hasn't been or any time frame as to when it will be. As I said the call I got 100% guaranteed that work will be completed on the 28th no chance of fail so I'll update when it's done.


**Edit out of curiosity exactly what team is it that's handling my issue as I've so far been unable to determine that. Every department I've spoken to seems to have no idea what's actually happening in regards to progress and seeking a helpful update.