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Delayed installation

Tuning in

Virgin were meant to have my broadband installed by 3rd Dec, they then delayed this until the 21st Dec. My previous provided cancelled my broadband on 2nd dec and said I couldn’t carry on with them unless I signed up again as the like was disconnected. If Virgin had told me a couple of days before I could’ve carried on with my old provider.

During this time I called them and explained that I am suffering from postnatal depression, at home with premature babies that are currently very poorly so can’t leave the house much incase they pick up another virus. My husband also works from home.. I rely on the wifi for tv, my doorbell, music etc.

Virgin said I would be put as a priority for my installation and they would try and get it installed before 21/12. Well they didn’t and have pushed the installation date to the end of Jan. I have been sent a dongle and it is awful! Only works in the room where it is placed so if my husband is at home he has it. I am literally sat with my twins all day in a room with no tv, music.The dongle doesn’t connect to my ring doorbell as it’s too far, so I’m missing deliveries.

The point of this message is, how long did installation take and how many times did Virgin move the installation date? I am so sick of ringing their customer service, you just get passed from dept to dept and nothing gets resolved.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Ruby6,

Thanks for posting your concerns and welcome to the community.

Sincere apologies for the delays in the installation, can I ask just to clarify did our team advise the reasoning for the delay?



Some works that aren’t complete.
Same reason that was given on the 2nd and I was told that I would have internet by 21st December but they would try and do it sooner as I’m being seen as a ‘priority’

Virgin haven’t installed it earlier or even on the delayed installation date. Customer service is awful.. no one seems to care. The dongle provided is rubbish, not sure what to do.

Thank you for that information Ruby6. The external work can be done anywhere up to the install date. It is likely they have reached out to the AFM to see what can be done. There is no guarantee though they would be able to make this any earlier. 


Tuning in

For your own sanity, arrange broadband with another company and let Virgin play their silly games, you will be entitled to compensation for however long they mess you about until they finally install or decide not to and cancel on you.

Any date they tell you is never a promise. They can and will just delay it again and again.