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Delayed installation again

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Can anybody help me? I’ve now had my virgin media broadband installation delayed twice. Nobody at customer services seems to be able to escalate my problem and my work is dependent upon an Internet connection (am a medical professional). Can anybody help me? I’ve now had my virgin media, broadband installation delayed twice. Nobody at customer services seems to be able to escalate my problem and my work is dependent upon an Internet connection (I am a medical professional). It’s getting to the point whereby I have lost faith in virgin media to be able to deliver a service. I’m asking anyone for help on whom I could contact? 



Hello, we are going to increase your Bisoprolol to 10mg it will help get you through the VM install process.

VM install dates are very flexible, worse customer expectation management is dire.   Early go live dates are often communicated when the cable or fibre installs from the road to home remain to be completed.  Engineer visits are cancelled at the last moment or just fail to occur.

Best advice is do not cancel and existing broadband or telephone service until after the Virgin Media connection is live and fully working.

A couple of months with 2 ISPs is a lot easier to live with than an open ended period with none.

Unfortunately I’ve got no ISP hence the frustration. Not sure bisoprolol will be strong enough to calm the blood pressure . But thank you for the wise words . Having spent 30 mins plus on the phone to them just now and only getting information that there is no information and there is no link between them and the outside cabling team seems bizarre. If anyone at virgin media is monitoring, please do reach since I’m keen to get broadband and actually stop pulling my hair out. 

Alessandro Volta

short answer is no one knows and they dont seem to care - the VM install process is a law unto itself at best and at worst is broken and the worst is the factual bit

you can ring - text send smoke signals or use drums the answer will be the same - you will get apologies - platitudes and lies - the latter being how it works - the computer will say tomorrow so the highly trained muppets that are off shore will tell you that - when it does not happen they will repeat it - thats the level of their [high] training - when they dont have an answer they will lie to tell you what you think you want to hear - offer to ring back - which they never do or hang up on you

thats the facts as it is with VM - time wise the longest we know of is 13 months wait before install

so you have options

1 - sit and wait - if you have an original install date then you are racking up a fiver a day in compensation so dont cancel even if you choose to find another isp - getting the compensation may take work as they will huff and puff and try to reduce what is legally yours as per OFCOM rules - the last excuse i read is they would not pay it as the could not afford to

2 - find a short term solution - an unlimited data deal in a phone and hotspot to that - £20 a month from Smarty in 4g - there will be 5g deals but thats phone and area dependant and more expensive i guess

3 - if you have 5g in the area - £25 to 3 on rolling 30 day mobile BB contract will work - anything between 200 to 800 down - 70 up is possible - it will likely fall back to 4g in busy times but that should give you around 30 down 

4 - look for another long term isp

BUT again if you choose 4 DO NOT cancel take the fiver  day let VM install and then cancel in the first 14 days at no cost


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @shilz100 thanks for your post here, although we're sorry to hear of your concerns raised surrounding your delayed install.

Unfortunately, we cannot intervene here with the installation processes, but what we can do is look to raise a complaint for you and assign this to our pre-installs team.

Please allow me to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you.

Kindly expect the PM from me to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!

Many thanks