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Delayed install

Tuning in

After signing on for virgin media the first install date they had was a month later (this coming Saturday), this was fair enough and still went ahead with the order for broadband.

Yesterday I got a txt message asking to confirm that I was still good to have the install which I did. Today have a missed call saying there is a delay and then an email saying it’s been delayed until the 3rd of August!

Rang customer service, first they said the outside works needed doing but I pointed out they were done 2 weeks ago, they went quiet for a bit and when they came back seemed a little confused about the situation, said they had to send an email to someone (surprised the reason for the delay was not on the account) but the install might happen on Saturday.


going to be honest I’m not feeling overly confident!


Alessandro Volta

Well, make sure you haven't cancelled your existing connection, and then relax.  VM owe you £5.25 for every day of delay, if you're lucky you'll end up like one VM customer who is now owed 13 months of compensation at £5.25 a day.   

Thanks, unfortunately it was a house move so don’t have an existing connection so without internet until this is installed (thankfully have unlimited phone data but it’s a nightmare constantly pairing the TV to a mobile phone hot spot.)

Just shocked they delayed they seemed to immediately delay the install by two whole months in one go, and the person on the phone was very unclear and seemed very confused by it all.


Would you consider an Openreach installation?  You might find that's a much shorter delay, and less at risk of the sometimes very lengthy delays that a very few VM customers find themselves subject to (longest known is a year and a month).

The standard open reach speed in my area can’t exceed 12mb/s so it’s not really adequate in the modern world unfortunately.

virgin say they are sending a mobile router to keep us going, they need to dig up the road to connect us. Why it’s taken a month to work this out I don’t know.


Good Afternoon @Dormiensdraco, thanks for your post on our Community Forums!

Can you please provide us with an update on the proposed installation yesterday?

If you're still waiting for the installation, in some cases, customers are offered a Dongle to allow them to have access to a connection to data services, have we possibly offered you one to cover any potential delays in installing the services?

Kindest regards,