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Delayed broadband installation

Joining in

I ordered my new VM broadband package on 23rd July 23 and selected an installation date well in the future, 29th September 23.

When I placed the order I told VM that we live on a small private road and that they would need to do more work to install cables than normal. I asked for a flag to be placed on our account to make sure the site visit was done well in advance of the install date, to make sure it was ready in good time.

I then followed up with VM twice to see if the visit had been done and that everything was ok to meet the install date. I was assured that everything was in hand and on track.

Then this week, 7 days before the installation date, I get a text message saying they need to do some extra work outside before they can install and they will move the date to 8th November 23! That is a delay of over 5 weeks.

I called customer services and they weren’t really that bothered. Just said that this can happen. Very frustrating given how upfront I was with the situation. Then to just receive a text, not good enough. My current broadband is due to end on 6th October 23 and so we will likely be without broadband for a month. 

What are VM going to about it? I was told the install is currently with the construction team but I cannot speak to them as they don’t have a direct phone number… what use it that? I get told to call to get further info and the people I speak to can’t speak to the people installing to get an update. Not good enough in my opinion.


Alessandro Volta

Usual advice on here is to keep your existing broadband running and overlap with any new VM installation for this reason. This forum is full of past 'delayed installation' topics going back for a long time. Are you able to extend your current broadband on a rolling basis until such time as VM installs for you? You may be in for a long wait.

The mention of the words 'private road' in your post signals the potential for VM to tie itself in endless knots over matters of wayleave/access etc. based on past topics on here.

It would be helpful if they mention that the installation dates aren’t a fixed and definite date. You shouldn’t have to cancel and then try to keep your existing broadband on a rolling monthly payment. Or VM should at least tell you it is better to keep an overlap on your service until they have the preparatory work done.

Not a great way to start a 24 month contract is it, not knowing when you might get broadband. I’m in two minds whether or not to just cancel the contract before it starts. Not a good way to build trust I I can’t rely on dates they are telling me.

I know I’m ranting out loud, apologies. It’s just frustrating. Both myself and my wife work from home and we have two kids so so a good stable broadband is very important to us. That was my reasoning for choosing VM in the first place…

Your frustration is understandable given the measures you took when ordering. However, in all likelihood if your early information was logged at all, no one probably looked at it until immediately before your installation. Then they realised it was a private road and immediately kicked the job into the long grass for November.

All of the above is speculation on my part, of course, but, if you have a read through the many past topics on here about delayed installations, you'll get a good idea of how VM operates in these circumstances.

Much of the cable installation work is sub-contracted and there is no useful communication takes place between VM and the sub-contractors. You will find past topics on here where a VM tech turns up with equipment and no cable has been laid (sometimes this is repeated several times for the same customer). Conversely, some customers have had a cable laid and then waited ages for VM to come and install the equipment because the cable installation is not properly signed off as completed.

Start keeping detailed records of everything that goes on with VM (dates, times, phone calls, messages, missed appointments, failed visits where no work happens etc.) You will be eligible for compensation

A particularly important date to capture is the 'date initially confirmed in writing' when VM said it would 'activate' your services (key words being confirmed, writing, activate). This would be the date you expected the tech to appear, install equipment in your home and commission your services.

VM's original installation info in its customer portals tends to keep updating or disappearing but it is the 'date initially confirmed in writing' to 'activate' the services which is when any compensation should start from.

If you need to keep your existing broadband going, the compensation should help cover the cost although VM does not always play straight or fair with allocating it in many topics on here. Review the OFCOM minimum requirements document and up to date rates below and keep a good record of what you think you will be due.

Alessandro Volta

As goslow said, the fact you are on a private road is significant, as often VM will find it just too much bother to deal with.

Do you know if the owner of the road has been asked for permission to run cables? Have other residents on that road already got VM connections? 

- jpeg1
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