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Delayed Pre-Pull Cable Installation

Joining in

Hi All,


So we’ve bought a new house and we’re doing it up and it almost complete. We’ve been staying our old home whilst all the work is going on at the new house. We’ve bought Virgin Media for the new house two ago and ever since then we’ve been having messages about rescheduling our install. I’ve phoned virgin on a daily basis for them to tell me they’re waiting for the pre-pull cable works to be carried out and that they’ll be carried out ‘today’. I call back next day and I get the same message that they weren’t able to do it yesterday but they’ll do it ‘today’. I’ve been calling everyday for the past month to get the same message.

we desperately need WiFi for our alarms/CCTVs to work as the house is pretty much abandoned  but with a fancy kitchen, bathrooms, electronic we are at risk of being broken in and nobody knowing.

I’ve read a couple of threads and understand that virgin sub contract the job and it’s out of their hands. But surely there’s someone responsible for all the mixed messages.

Does anyone have any advice on who to contact to ensure these work carried out? 


Alessandro Volta

If VM has told you the same, untrue information each time you call then you can reasonably conclude that anything VM tells you is unreliable.

Read through a few more past topics about delayed installation and you will see that this is 'business as usual' for VM when it comes to failed cable installations.

You need to be keeping detailed records of all interactions and comm's with VM to ensure you get the correct compensation when connected. It is highly likely VM will try to dodge paying, or reduce payouts, with a range of different excuses and you will need to escalate to arbitration to get paid whatever you are entitled to

While you wait to get connected, you should look into some kind of mobile data connection (such as an unlimited data SIM on a rolling monthly contract in conjunction with a mobile-capable router or hotspot device) so you get some kind of coverage for your security systems while your new house is empty.