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Delayed Installation

Joining in

Before going on, I'd like to say that I have viewed so many cases in this community. I know that many customers have been cheated by the customer service from Virgin Media. My case would be nothing when compared with the torture to the other customers from their endless meaningless long-waiting installation appointments. But still I need to spit these out to just make my self feel better. Thanks and also sorry for anyone who viewing this post.

Try to use a new way to describe this.

29 August -- Joined Virgin Media, informed the agent that a cable pulling work needs to be done, booked an installation date at 31 August.

31 August -- no one came, called them and told to be 2 September

2 September -- no one came, dealyed to 6 September

6 September -- came but not a cable pullin team, told me that a cable pulling work needs to be done. (Yes, thank you, that's exactly what I told your colleague.) Booked a field work at 21 September.

11 September -- cancelled without notice, no appointments showing. Called them, told that it would be done.

14 September -- A Brand New Delayed Installation poped up in my account just like an little elf, saying that it would be 9 November. Good for you, Virgin Media.

Lastly, I understand my waiting time means nothing as more customers have far way longer waiting time than me. But still, what is going on here? I thought that making more money is what your want, isn't it, Virgin Media? The quicker you install these things, the sooner you can charge us. Isn't that what business is supposed to be done? Or you are worried about cable pulling work might cost you more? Then do not tell those customers that your service is available in these areas!!! Seriously, I do not expect any compensation from this. Actually, I'd rather pay more if only it can speed you up. However, from what I observed, clearly, you are not interested in making more money.


Joining in

I have to say Virgin have the worst customer services of any company I have ever dealt with. It's hard to imagine Richard Branson having this nonsense when his service don't work (assuming even he uses Virgin). I almost scream when I get put through to a noisy call centre and speak to an operator that I struggle to understand. You have to repeat the same things over and over again. Good luck. You will have a lot of nonsense to put up with.

Alessandro Volta

@AngryCustomer8 wrote:


<snip> Or you are worried about cable pulling work might cost you more? <snip>

This seems to be the root cause of so many problems to do with installations.

Whatever deal has been struck with VM and its cabling sub-contractors seems to be based around the idea of the contractor crashing through a large number of simple jobs each day where the cable is easily pulled through the underground ducts to the customer's property.

If this doesn't happen because of a problem, such as a blockage underground or the need for traffic control etc., then this is where the wheels seem to come off the process.

The stuck installation seems to be bounced back and forward between VM and the sub-contractor while they assess costs and decide what needs to be done to complete the installation.

Communication between the two seems to be very poor and there seems to be delays between information being relayed back and forward, hence you have VM tech's turning up to install equipment when no cable has been laid.

There have even been past topics on here where the contractor has begun the digging work and got near to the customer's property only for VM to pull the plug on the project on grounds of cost. In such cases the customer often only finds this out by chance while still waiting.

So, VM would like to install for you and have you as a customer but only if it doesn't cost too much money. If costs might be a problem, VM is quite happy to keep you hanging on for as long as it takes for VM to come to a decision to install or not.

Start keeping detailed records, as you go along, of everything that happens. This will help ensure you get the correct compensation for the delays

Even if you are not interested in the compo, it soon starts to add up even for a relatively short delay. The money recouped can offset any costs you incur for putting in place your own temporary connectivity while you wait for VM.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @AngryCustomer8 

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first post.

Sorry to hear you have been having ongoing delays with your installation. Sometimes complications in construction and third-party contractors mean there are delays in the installation. Our team would aim to get the service up and running as soon as possible. To best look into this for you, Please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. 


Forum Team

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