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Delayed Installation

Tuning in


I recently signed up with VM and was given an installation date of the 23rd August. I made plans surrounding this date with work and other personal commitments to ensure I can get online as soon as possible.

Out of the blue, on the 21st, I get an email stating the installation has been canceled and instead a new appointment is to be opened up on the 5th September.

I've been seeing some very eye opening horror stories surrounding installation so I want to get a start on the reasons why now. I don't want the 5th to get closer only for that to also be cancelled and so on.

I'm hoping someone from VM can look into this, get some more details and if possible, hurry things along.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Medwards221,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your installation. Have you been advised anything so far about the delays?

Kind Regards,


Hi Steven,

It looks like I wasn't given a reason for it, it just happened a day or so prior and was pushed back into the next month. I'm worried it'll keep getting pushed back with little or no notice.

Having a connection is very important for my work.


Thank you for your response @Medwards221 

Just to clarify, have you been in contact with our pre-installation team directly on 0800 052 1734? Also, in your online account, can you see the installation appointment listed


Forum Team

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Sorry I didn't see this.

Just to keep the record and set what has happened. The scheduled install for tomorrow (5th september shown on my account) was also canceled and rescheduled to the 20th as I feared it would be. This time they canceled within 24 hours of the appointment however.

I contacted a member of the installation team by text and was given very vague information regarding the reason for the cancellation, only that there needed to be costruction work, but if they really had  come by, they'd see I live directly outside a phone line where all the other properties are connected the same way. No construction needed.

When mentioning this they somehow miraculously got a survey engineer booked to discuss cable works on the 6th. Sounds like perhaps that should have been step 1 of the process nearly a month ago but here we are. Let's see if that gets cancelled too.

I'm fully expecting the 19th September to come round and the appointment to be shifted another 15 days into October - it's no surprise I'm not feeling very optimistic.

Hi @Medwards221 thanks for your reply.

So sorry to hear this - generally when there are last minute postponements it is due to construction work. However, our third party contractors carry out this work which is why it's not always possible to update on a delay until the final moments unfortunately.

Hopefully though we will be able to meet the date of 19th September and we can get things all sorted for you - apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Many thanks


Hello Tom,

It has been a while so I'm just updating here.

The booked survey engineer never came by after being told it was booked. I got in contact with customer service via text and they were not helpful at all.

The 19th Septemeber came by and they pushed it back to the 14th October.

The 14th October came by and they didn't show. No cancellation! In fact, the update still says it's due for the 14th October. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure VM does not have access to a time machine, so it's safe to say they have missed that one too.

They haven't given a new date as of yet (it's the 16th October now), when can ai expect a new date to be put in only for it to be missed again? Thanks.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Medwards221,
Thank you for your reply, I am truly sorry for your experience and that you have still not been installed. I would love to take a look into this for you.
I will pop you over a PM, so keep and eye out for the little envelope 📩