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Delayed Installation

Tuning in

Hi all seems a common theme but just wondered if there is anything else I can do…

Original installation due 10th July. Engineer turned up and said he couldn’t install as no connection in the street.

Sometime later a couple of workers turned up but couldn’t complete the connection due to a “blockage”.

Installation date has changed approximately 4 times so far and is now showing as 06th September.

I’ve received nothing with regards to updates or apologies. I’ve since called up to complain and was told the matter would be investigated and I should receive a call back with an update but again I’ve not received anything. When I call to chase this I’m passed between the “Care” team and the Pre-installation team - neither of which want to take responsibility.

it’s shocking, nobody knows what’s going on. There is no complaint handler dealing with my complaint because it’s not a “live” account, and I’m constantly having to call up to try and find out what’s going.

Is it normal for over 8 weeks for an installation? Is this likely to be delayed further? Do they even have a complaints department? 

Really not happy, or confident, with this service as a new customer!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Jufc84,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear your install has been delayed, so I can take a closer look and ensure you've had a complaint raised I've popped you over a private message.


Hi again Alex,


I’ve received a letter today suggesting my complaint is now closed and to call 0345454111 if I am not satisfied with the resolution and want to discuss further - the problem is when you call this number it’s an automated service with no way of speaking to a human and no option to discuss an existing complaint!!! It’s shocking that every option is a dead end with no human interaction, even though the letter states to call this number to discuss…


Please provide a contact number for your complaints team?