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Delayed Installation

Tuning in

I wonder if anyone can help, or has ran into a similar issue.

Like many others I have had my installation delayed. The original install date was meant to be the 11th Jan but it has been pushed back to the first of Feb.

However I have had my cables pulled and the outside box drilled into my wall. When the guys finished the pull, the said that it's connected and the speeds are looking good, so all that's left is the final installation.

When I've phoned asking why I have delays, I've only been told that I'm waiting on permission, with an email saying further work is needed (seems like a generic email). Surely the permission would've been needed before the pulling and issues would've meant there was no connection right? 

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what permission they could be waiting on, or if there's anyone with advice. I work from home quite a lot and have been relying on my mobile hotspot for data since I have moved. The house is a new build so there was no existing provider to continue services with.


Alessandro Volta

@Matt_W_D24 wrote:

I wonder if anyone can help, or has ran into a similar issue.


In terms of the 'permissions' issue, are you the freeholder of the property (new build estates often seem to have some leasehold aspects somewhere in the arrangement such as estate management, grounds maintenance etc.)? Also, VM does like to use 'permissions' as a cover-all excuse for when they fail to deliver on time. They have been caught out a few times on here when customers have done their own research and found no such issues ever existed.

Your issue does get quite a few mentions on here (a cable is installed and waiting but no technician comes to complete the work or is booked way into the future).

Sounds like VM set a revised installation date long into the future in expectation of a long delay with the cable installation. VM's processes for installations are deeply flawed in the way the different parts of the job are organised and processed. Now you actually have a cable waiting, VM's systems need to catch up with that fact. Very often on here, one part of the VM installation process has little/no idea what another part is doing (or has already done).

You could try the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 but don't expect too much there by way of them arranging anything useful.

You will have to wait and see if the VM forum team can do anything to kick start the process of bringing your installation date forward any to connect to the waiting cable (although now they just seem to log a complaint on behalf of the customer to forward on). The forum team usually replies within a few days.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I am not the freeholder of the property, however the freeholder has given permission for the install to be done (to me anywa. I presume if Virgin have contacted them, they have given the permission as I haven't received anything stating otherwise). Just felt strange that they've been able to pull the wires if they haven't had any permissions, however with you mentioning them being caught out in the past maybe the issue is something different.

With any luck it is as you've said, and one part of the installation not being updated as to what the other parts have been. And this post does get the attention of the forum team to help kick start the process, or to give me more detailed information as to what the hold up is. 

Once again, thanks for the reply!


@Matt_W_D24 wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply!

I am not the freeholder of the property, however the freeholder has given permission for the install to be done (to me anywa. <snip>

Ah, that's a bit different then if you are not the freeholder and the 'permissions' issue may well be a real one.

I'd suggest you contact the pre-install number above and find out what the 'permissions' issues are.

If you are a tenant (and assuming you have no personal/family connection to the landlord), check what your tenancy agreement says about making any 'alterations' to the building, such as installing cables. Even if you have a verbal agreement from the landlord, would suggest you get something in writing too granting you permission for VM and make sure your landlord is clear on what the VM work involves (so as to cover yourself further down the line if necessary).

HI Matt_W_D24,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Apologies for the issues faced with the delays.

Just to clarify have you been able to get through to the installation team?

Let us know,


Hi Kain,

I have been in touch with the installation team, and got passed to the pre-installation team. 

It seems like they haven't been informed of the wire pull, as they did not know that the wires and box have been fitted outside. They are now sending someone out on Monday to survey the site.

I shall update the thread once I find out what has happened.

Hi @Matt_W_D24 thanks for your reply here.

The installation and pre-installation are the same teams, so the pre-installation team are the team you need to speak to.

I'm sorry this is the case for you, please don't hesitate to update us following Monday's visit.

Many thanks


Had someone survey this afternoon, no more work is needed on the outside.

I'm not too sure of the person who surveyed will be getting in touch with virgin to try and speed up the next step after the push back. 

Really annoying that it all should've been sorted on the 11th and that I may still have to wait till the 1st of Feb though. I am able to claim on this postponement correct? 

Hi Matt_W_D24

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

OK so if a survey has been done, they'll liaise with our team. The team will bring any visit forward if able too also.

In relation to compensation, this if owed, is credited automatically. See here - - we may need to do a manual form to the team so they can review it after install also.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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