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Delayed Installation!!

Tuning in

I was set to have my internet installed on Monday 19th September. 

I had a text from them on the 5th September asking for me to confirm whether I was happy for them to do outside external work. I was and I confirmed it. I can see the evidence on my house. The cables have been laid and the box is there (though it is uncovered).

Last Wednesday I got a call from VM. I had to tell them I couldn't speak at the time as I was driving. As soon as I got home, I called them back. They had a look at my account and they told me that everything was set to be installed on Monday 19th and all they needed was my verbal confirmation that I was happy to go ahead. I was. 

20 minutes later I then got a call from Virgin - from the Pre-Installation team - who told me they were cancelling all installations on Monday 19th due to the Queen's Funeral. I was livid since I'd spoken to someone 20 minutes before who confirmed nothing was being cancelled. 

They apologised and not everyone knows that things are being cancelled. 

I accepted the new date of 28th September as they said they were looking to move pushed appointments to earlier in the week after the funeral and I would be called.

The next day I decided to phone them up again after seeing conflicting accounts online as to whether Virgin were installing on Monday 19th. I was put through to the Pre-Installation team and they looked at my record and they said the reason it was delayed was not because of the Bank Holidays as Installations are still going ahead but because they had to do the external work to the house. 

I explained that the work had already been done as I can see the work has been carried out but Virgin said they hadn't done any work, it had only been a pre-visual inspection. 

The properties either-side of me have Virgin installed already. But what is correct? How can I be told two different things? 

All I know is that I can see work has been done, the brown box is there (but without a cover - does this mean more external work DOES need to be done? Or is this covered on the day of installation?) 

I've had to delay the arrival of certain items that I've bought because I need an internet connection for it to set them up. 

I'm not hopeful for the 28th September at all!