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Delayed Installation

Joining in

Signed up to Virgin Media over a month ago with a scheduled installation of 19th September. After multiple conversations with pre installation team who assured me that the planned installation would go ahead. I then receive no notification until I go on the app to discover that my installation has been moved to 4th October.

My current provider are due to cut off services on the 19th and due to the late notice they can not extend.

I work from home and can not go over 2 weeks without internet. 

On top of this the pre installation team say that there is still external work that needs to be done though the pre installation has happened (now have cables and a brown box outside my property ready to go). Apparently there is one single job assigned under a code that no one understands. A site survey was due today between 8am and 1pm where someone was supposed to arrive and explain the issue but surprise no one turns up

A form was apparently sent to request an installation on the 21st September and should have been confirmed by now but once again no update.

As stated I can not go 2 weeks without internet and ‘hots spotting’ from my phone os not compensation 

When trying to cancel by contract I’m bounced from department to department with calls being disconnected and not called back

I need this sorted as it seems just talking to someone on the phone does not resolve things


Alessandro Volta

You could try calling the pre installation number 0800 052 1734. 

Thanks jpeg1, I have spoke to that team at least 10 times resulting in mixed messages. 

I gave them another call today and apparently the site survey was completed and I “missed a call” from them explaining the result. Funny thing is that I was in all day and no missed calls so for it to have been completed is suspicious 

Have been “assured” that there are no further external issues and installation should go ahead on 30th September 

Still doesn’t help having 11 days without internet or tv and wished I read other posts overlapping contracts as was naive to think that Virgin could actually fulfil what they promise

You had a 'missed call'? Yes there seem to be a lot of those 🙂

There's not much else to offer I'm afraid, except to keep a record of all installation promises as you may be eligible for compensation.  Not the same as an actual connection of course. 

Hey GMCKENZIE88, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community, I am really sorry to hear about your delayed installation.

I understand this is not ideal and is very frustrating, however I can see you have been speaking to the team and they are looking into this for you.

Please do keep me updated on how you get on. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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