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Delayed Installation (5 months and counting)

I moved into my rental property in October 2021. At this point I was told that Virgin Media couldn't offer its services to my address despite the fact that neighbours etc. could. Other services only offer minimal speeds and I really needed to get these boosted. A few months passed and I decided to get in touch again to see if anything had changed. At this point I was told it was because my address was listed as a commercial property - why wasn't I told this previously? 

Again, months later, I noticed a Virgin technician installing fibre at the flat above mine after a new tenant had just moved in. I spoke with him and he was baffled that I had been told we can't get it our property. He gave me a number to ring and would you believe it I was told we were good to go.

Now in September 2022 - finally got the address changed to a residential one and had booked an install date for 19th August 2022.


It's now January 2023 and our 9th installation date is 6th February. I have been told it's due to remedial works needing to be done. Firstly, why on earth does it take this long? Secondly, if my upstairs neighbour was able to get it installed within a few weeks of moving, with no need for remedial works, what's the issue for me? I have tried asking for an engineer to survey my address but obviously this is such a burden for the customer service team who only know how to read from their screens. Promising dates which never happen.


For these 9 missed appointments I have only been credited for 2. I have called and called and get absolutely nowhere. I have recently taken this up with ombudsman to see if I can get anywhere.


I would have cancelled this a long time ago if I could use a different provider but im not giving in now.

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Re: Delayed Installation (5 months and counting)

Hi JamesB1995,

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your delayed installation looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration over such a long amount of time. 

Just so that you have all the information available to you, here's a link to our Auto Compensation Scheme, take a look at it so that you understand everything you may be entitled to ✔

As for the installation itself, a cable may need to be fitted underground on your property which might be why it's taking so long. I can try to investigate what is delaying this for you, although I can't guarantee that I can quicken the process. 

I'll send you a PM now so that we can start the journey, speak to you soon!




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