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Delayed Installation - 10 Month Delay

Follow my post more than half a year ago:

Since my last post, Virgin Media still have not installed broadband at my household. I am a first year university student who has recently returned home for the break and am still having issues with ISPs. Virgin is the only viable option in my area as the others do not offer the bandwidth required for my household to run. We are all currently on mobile phone contracts, using mobile data as a method to access the internet.

Around the 28th December 2021, Virgin Media cancelled our contract due to me not picking up calls (I was busy and unable to pick up the calls) which lead to my mum having to call them and ask for a new contract in January. The call that I receive are constantly the "We are sorry", "New installation date", and "I promise this time will be the last". Each and every time, they have issues that cause the installation date to be pushed back further and further.

One time that they said they had to delay the installation was due to them requiring permits. This was confusing as a month prior to this call, they had said that they already had all the permits needed to start the construction work outside our house and only needed an engineer to come out and do it. When engineers do end up coming out, they end up telling us that they are unable to start installation due to the outside work not being done yet.

Another time that they pushed back the installation date was due to requiring written permission from the council and our neighbour for them to create a line going from the road outside our house, leading into our house (which an engineer who visited previously had said it wasn't a hard job, he said they had to move some slabs and feed some wire underneath it). However, when we called the council, they said we had permission since it was our land and our neighbour had also agreed. We own the property and also the area in which they need to finish the wiring work.

Could someone please help because this issue has been causing me and my parents a lot of stress since I have exams soon and my siblings require internet access to submit their work. Understandable, I had given them the benefit of the doubt due to Covid19 restrictions, however now its become a situation which seems like they are trying to avoid. Constantly they call me at times I'm unable to pick up and when I call back, I get the Virgin Media voicemail which tries to assist me instead of a real person.

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Delayed Installation - 10 Month Delay

Hello @stevenli02,

Welcome back, thanks for posting.

I am so sorry for the installation of your services, can you see the appointment on your account at the moment?

I have checked our system and it seems we can not move or change the current appointment, ordered by the area field manager.

I do want to help you raise this, as I can see you are not happy with us at the moment, which I completely understand why.

I will send you a private message now, so I can raise this on your account.

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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