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Deemed unservicable - help me move forward please

Tuning in

We were initially supposed to have broadband installed in June, but upon attempted installation, the technician found that a cable had been cut. He informed me they would be in touch with a new date once they had completed the necessary works. New date was 14th August, but no one showed up. 

Long story short, after many, many, hours with customer service, I'm told that the property is unservicable. No one will give me any in depth information on this, or try to work with me to solve the issue, however upon googling our issue (cut cable), it's actually a very common and easily fixable problem. 

Virgin Media is the only company who have decent coverage in my area, and so I need someone to explain why exactly they can't complete the work. I'm willing to assist with costs if possible.


Alessandro Volta

You may struggle to get sensible and timely answers from VM due to the way cable installations and repairs are sub-contracted out by VM.

Do you know where the cable is cut? A coax cable with an accessible break on the surface can often be repaired. Breaks underground need the cable to be replaced. That has cost implications for VM and might lessen your chances of an installation depending on what exactly the problem is.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

There is likely to be a further underlying issue here. Most likely is a new cable cannot be pulled due to a duct being blocked. If that blockage is in a place where it is expensive to dig, like under a road, VM might decide it is not economically viable just to add one customer.

Unlike BT Openreach, VM is not covered by a USO agreement, so can walk away from connecting any property that falls outside of budget without any comeback. VM never enter into any cost share arrangements with individuals due to the legal implications. The issue is unlikely to be on your property anyway.

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It might be a fibre area where a microduct is damaged, and they aren't going to dig the bundle out to service one customer. Some of the microduct work looks horrific, even on the photos that the civils teams put out in publicity.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @sashmias 


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear about this.


My apologies for the inconvenience with the area being unserviceable, unfortunately we do not have access on our side to check on exactly why. Our sales team on 0800 183 1234 may be able to check on this for you and provide some further information on the matter.



Forum Team

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Hi @Travis_M

I have already spoken to the sales team, the pre-installation team and the customer service via text, whatsapp and phone. No one will give me any further information other than a technical fault due to wiring.

Where can I access further information?



Alessandro Volta

I'm afraid you will not find out anything more. As you have already found, you are not dealing with a customer-facing company and they feel no responsibility to follow up questions like this. 

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Hi @sashmias 

I am sorry. We cannot really add anything further to what your fellow community members have advised you. I am sorry that we're unable to supply you with a service and I wish you the very best of luck for the future.