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Decent deal?

Joining in

Been on a discount forever which was £71 with 250mbps, Maxit tv plus Sky Sports + BT Sports plus landline. Got a letter saying it was going up to £131 on the 20th August. Rang up to cancel and got offered to keep the same package for £82pm. I didn’t get put through to retentions, this was all sorted on the initial call. I think it’s a decent deal - I could have switched to BT for £72 but with only 67mbps fibre.



Alessandro Volta

There's never a standard price. They put up the renewal cost by a stupid amount and then when you phone in it all depends on your individual circumstances (including what competition there is in your area).   

And of course if you don't call in to complain or cancel, they make a nice profit and more fool you. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Fibre optic

You really should go all the way and speak to retentions team as they have extra abilities to apply discounts beyond customer service. As for BT line, I removed their cables from inside and outside my property several years ago as their service is capped at 35Mbs here. I can't comment on the price of TV service but on my street Community fibre offer 150Mbs up/down for £20 and 1Gbs up/down for £25 so Virgin always give heavy discount to retain the customers 🙂

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