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Damaged cable

Joining in

Subcontractor damaged my sky cable but I am not getting virgin installed till 7/8/23 and I am now without internet and as I work from home my job has been deeply impacted. I called virgin 2 days ago and today and was told someone would be out but eventually after the 4th call was advised that they have to fill out a form and the contractor will have to asses damage. Tomorrow will be the 3rd day and have not had any call back or info on when this will be recitified. 


Alessandro Volta

VM has no role in fixing the damage to the Sky cable (even it was a VM sub-contractor who damaged it).

Call Sky and tell them you have no service. It is up to Sky to restore your Sky service.

Usual advice on here is to keep your Sky service running (once it is repaired) and overlap with any new VM service. You can then evaluate VM during your 14 day cooling off period and have a backup option of Sky in case there is a problem with the VM connection. Same Sky backup is also there if VM delays your install any further.


Do contact Sky, they will arrange for Openreach to re-connect the telephone line.

Don't assume the new VM service will go live on around 7/8/23, that is very likely to slip or to find a cable snag, so cater for that as mentioned in the previous post.