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Damaged cable and unusable service.

Tuning in

Hi, I hope someone from VM may be able to look at this for me. Calling in doesn't help.

I have an unreliable connection for months, guaranteed to go offline at least once a week. Finally managed to book an engineer who was out today and says the cable from the street to my house is damaged and needs replaced. He contacted the necessary team who are supposed to come out on the 23. 

Since he left, although it says I have a connection and speeds appear normal I can't stream anything over 240p without constant buffering. I also work from home so can't go two weeks with unusable internet.

I'm also alarmed that you are happy to leave my neighbour, who has the exact same issues but is a paraplegic who needs to rely on his phone which you have just switched over to Digital voice and happy to leave him like that for two weeks.

Is this really the best virgin media can do? If so, how do we raise a complaint as he is paying you for 1Gig but may as well switch to BT for 8MB. I'm not even happy paying you £44 for my unusable service.

If anyone from VM can help it would be much appreciated.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @coneypark 👋.

Thanks for reaching back out to us. Apologies for the issues that you are having with the connection and speeds of your service, as you have said you are to be getting fresh cabling on the 23rd that will resolve the issues that you are having. With any loss of service you can look into the Auto Compensation Procedure that we have here 👉 Auto Comp. With complaining, you can submit a formal complaint regarding your service issues here 👉 Complain

With your neighbour, due to Data Protection, he would have to reach out to us regarding his issues and we can look into that as part of a discussion with him. You can certainly pass on the links that he will be in need of. But any contact must come from him first so that we can clear Data Protection and look into his issues and take steps where needed.



Complaint raised. Waited two weeks and no one turned up. Even called in and was assured would be out today. No contact, no update, no fix and no apology.

I'm sure I will be told more lies when I call tomorrow 

Hi coneypark

I'm really sorry for the experience you've had. I'll be more than happy to take ownership of your complaint and help to get this resolved.

I've popped you over a private message so I can start by taking your account details.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

To add, if the issue is on your drop-cable from streetcab to home, then your neighbour will have their own separate one so won't be affected by the same issue as yours.

They may have another of the same fault, but as mentioned above, their fault is separate to yours and is between them & VM.

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It definitely is the same cable that brings the connection in too both houses. There is no dispute about this and VM could very easily have contacted there disabled customer to check up on them but haven't. They have been stuck in call queues and struggle to deal with things like this so VM should have a proper policy 

Alessandro Volta

One cable serving neighbours is occasionally done whereby the cable at the first omni box is split with one leg for that premise and the other leg for the neighbour. Post photos showing both omni boxes and the cable between them.

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