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Damage to property

Tuning in

I do not have virgin media however they have damaged my brand new drive by installing cable when I was out. Who do I report this to. I have been in contact a number of times with virgin media and I'm just being passed round to different teams. 

Looking at these forums it appears that shoddy workmanship is just the norm for them.

Can anyone advise please? 


Alessandro Volta

You don't need to be a customer to be a victim of Virginmedia's system. They have the same policy - making it so hard to get a response that you will give up and go away. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hi there @BLAVER22 

Thank you for popping back to us and we are so sorry that this has happened, can I ask if you can provide an image of the damage that was caused?

I know you have mentioned you have already spoken to our teams about this, did they raise a complaint at all?

They said they have raised a complain and have given me a complaint reference number but I first logged my complaint the day the damage was made which was the 25th March and they keep promising every time I get in contact that it will be a maximum of 7 workings days until somebody gets in contact to resolve my complain and the damage. 
Yes I have pictures of the damage, here you go 





Knows their stuff

Recording a complaint and giving you a meaningless number is just CMs way of robbing you off for a while or hopefully getting you to give up. When you get any nonsensical response include it in evidence for civil  case for criminal damage ie caused recklessly

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply BLAVER22. 

We would be happy to get this looked in to further for you. 

To do this, I will just need to take a few details via private message. I will pop this over to your inbox (red bar at the top of the page). 

Speak soon, 



On our wavelength





As the pipe belongs to the water company then it's for that company to repair the damage. VM is not permitted to work on another company's property.

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I think you have misunderstood me, the water pipe was perfectly fine until VM dug through it to lay their ductwork 

I thought that you meant a water mains which is cetainly the responsibility of the water company. If you meant a supply pipe then you are responsible for its maintenance.

Hub 5, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, 360
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection

On our wavelength

We have been experiencing severe damp and flooding to our property for some time.. after spending thousands of pounds on remedial work it was discovered that Virgin media’s ductwork was laid directly thorough our land and through our drain pipe.

we are now awaiting their response.