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Counting doen the days till my contract ends next month

On our wavelength

I Tried returned a RT-AX8TU & Asus EI mesh pod to Amazon as things were really no better & continue to get drop outs all the time & I know its not the wifi as I am getting continous drop outs listening to Radio 3 through my Linn Klimax Ds/1 streamer connected via LAN to the Virgin Hub ...there it goeas again!...I have shown below the quality monitor for the virgin hub below though if I am honest I don't quite understand what I am looking at...I received a notification that Virgin were working in the area last week but still same same old....counting down the days now till my contract ends next month....this was yesterday today it is even worse.

Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 17.04.40.png


Thanks for the response Pidge22,

To clarify are you still getting similar readings since posting?



On our wavelength

Hi yes please see below this is as present:

Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 19.37.22.png

Whatever the outcome - excellent choice of hifi
SH5 (modem mode)
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X
2 X ASUS RT-AC66U B1's in AP mode

On our wavelength

This is how the quality monitor looks at this time I suspect because of the amount of people in our area on Virgin though I won't be for much longer I am not putting up with another 18 months of this ....

Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 12.58.57.png


Hi Pidge22, thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry to hear that you're still having drop outs and for any inconvenience this may be causing you.  We've checked from our side and and cannot find any issues that may be causing this.  I would like to take a closer look on your behalf. I am going to send you a private message.  Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.



On our wavelength

Well I have decided to stay with Virgin for another 18 months as the broadband into us is 1150 MBPS & Sky could only offer 600 MBPS & I do like the support at virgin & general offering.

My isue was WIFI so have invested in a Tp Link 5400 Router & extender (though will probably need a second one for upstairs) the difference is instantly very noticeable with Netflix now at 18 mbps & was 9 mbps & Apple TV can now be watched in Dolby Vision uninterupted..

The below quality monitor screenshot is night & day to before:

Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 15.52.59.png