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Council cut cable on pavement to my house

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The council workers cut my cable on the pavement while carrying out work. The engineer came and determined the total loss of service for broadband and tv was due to a cable being cut on the street. He promised after speaking to his boss it will be rectified within 24 hours as they have to subcontract out. Later that day after chasing for hours on the phone the Virgin team sent me a text saying it’s been booked for the 27th Nov which means I will be without tv and internet for 3 weeks. I work from home and this will effect me really badly. Please help.


Hi @Daz240474,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

Depending on why or how the cables have been damaged, there may be a charge applied to the Technician callout. I've taken a look on our side and can see you've since spoken with our team who have been able to assist further with this.

Please let us know if you need anything else, or have any other queries/concerns and one of our team/community will be happy to lend a hand.


Reece - Forum Team

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I think that the council should reimburse you, because you have a contract that they are obligated to provide TV and Internet access. I think the best solution is to contact the council and explain to them what the problem is. In the city where I live, residents can complain directly to their local council via This is very convenient because it helps to solve the problem much faster, bypassing all the bureaucratic hurdles.