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Contract coming to an end - basically no competitors in the area

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Hi there,

My contract for 450mb at 35£ per month is ending soon. I see many posts of people who got crazy good deals from VM retention. Has anyone gotten a good deal even if in the area there are no other fibre provider and the second best internet is 5gb 150mb at 20£ from a mobile operator? The rest is < 70mb.


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It is a good point and I will watch this thread with interest. My understanding is that the VM retentions operation is fully aware of where its customers have FTTP options available to them or not and factor this in accordingly. Other likely factors include how much potential revenue you are worth to them (eg are you full package or just broadband) and how serious they judge you to be about leaving (ie have you priced up a specific competitor offer in your area and do you sound likely to follow through). Talk of being a long-term loyal customer since 1957 would, if anything, weaken your case. 

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Very Insightful Person

@akhand36 wrote:

Hi there,

My contract for 450mb at 35£ per month is ending soon. 

Hi @akhand36 

VM don't offer a 450Mbps connection.  The nearest equivalent residential VM speeds are M350 (expected speed range 365 - 381 Mbps) and M500  (expected speed range 500 - 542 Mbps) 

If you have a business connection then VM Business sell 400Mbps with the expected speed range up to 400Mbps.

I suggest if you have a residential VM connection then giving retentions a call on either 150 from a VM landline or mobile, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone, options 1,4 and 4, call around 8am if possible when lines first open and are least busy.

I'm in an area where VM supply the only decent speed.  There are no other altnets in my area, and according to the BT availability checker the most I can receive is 47Mbps.  I've had no problems negotiating new deals at prices I'm happy with.   

I would therefore suggest that VM aren't aware of any other FTTP connections available to me, or even Superfast broadband (over 30Mbps) and even if they were aware then their info would probably be out of date as even sites such as  which regularily collate the figures  has shown that ISP's have different measuring criteria even for their own availabilty ie premises passed and premises live and available to be connected.

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