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Continuously Intermittent Broadband - Complaint

I am typing this using my mobile hotspot data because of Virgin's internet failure.

Signed up with Virgin Broadband about 3 years ago, we were pretty happy about Virgin's service in the first year. We are currently on VIVID 150 Optical Fibre. However, the broadband service has been intermittent in the past year.  Our internet has been intermittent pretty much every other day. There has been quite a bit of broadband issues in our area in the past years as well.

I work from home(weekdays and weekends) and I am relying on the internet to support my work(E-commerce). Whenever we came across failing internet service, we had to 'borrow' our neighbour's internet in order to work. Virgin has been pretty disappointing lately and I am thinking if I should make a complaint or just switch provider as I don't see a complaint could solve the issue in our area. 

The last thing I would like to mention is, whenever there's an internet issue in our area the service status update tents to give false promise in terms of the estimated fixing time. I remember about half a year ago, it took them 3 days to fix our area issue. The issue occurred on Friday and they estimated the issue to be fixed within 24 hours and it only got fixed on the coming Monday. This pretty much explains why I am posting this today (Friday) as there's an found issue in our service area and they are estimating the issue to be fixed by 6pm today. There's only 1.5hours from 6pm, I highly doubt that they will fix the issue by then.

Anyways, I actually wanted to know if any of the existing Virgin customers had tried to ask for partial refund / compensation from Virgin due to their incompetent service? (We only signed up for internet service.)

Many thanks!


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Re: Continuously Intermittent Broadband - Complaint

Hey HMatW,

Thanks for getting in touch, welcome to the Community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the problems with your connection. I've just taken a look and everything looks normal at the moment. Are you using a wireless or hard-wired connection when you have the problems? What speeds are you getting at the moment?

Hope to hear back from you soon so we can continue to investigate.

Take care.


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