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Continuos installation delays

Ordered Virgin media broadband on 06/01. It was originally supposed to be installed on the 20th, with a faceplate installation that needed to happen on the 18th.

The 18th came, the engineer called to say he’d lost the keys to the cabinet in the street and would have to get the locks changed.

Faceplate installation got changed to the 25th, and broadband installation to the 30th. The 25th comes along, engineer never shows up and nobody contacts us to say why.

Spent 5-6 hours on the phone to every customer team they have to find out what happened and when they will be coming back, nobody either wants to help or can help. 

The engineer who was supposed to do the broadband installation yesterday called us to ask what was going on! So it seems nobody from Virgin has any idea. 

At this point I’d quite like to just cancel and move on, but I’m posting here as a last resort to see if anyone can help. I really can’t face another 2 hours on hold just to be hung up on, or another 3 hours waiting for a response on the app

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