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Hi I have taken out my virgin media package on the 16th November and had the install team round on the 8th December when they turned up they said that they cannot connect us as they could not find the cable for our property and we would be back by the end of the week to install new cabling.. after not hearing anything back from them I contacted virgin again and said somoen would be round to assess the install. Never seen them or been told they ever came around I have no contacted virgin 11 times since and fed the same thing that someone will be around / engineer on there way etc etc.. finally got throigh to someone that wouldn't give me all that [REMOVED] And has explain to me that the install has been out on hold??? Would have been nice to have been told dont you think??.. this is very disappointing it's now been two months since I took out my package and still haven't even been told a date that I could expect virgin to install services... 

Could someone please give me some light on my situation and I'm seriously considering going elsewhere for Internet phone and TV packages


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