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Tuning in


Im trying to return a call to the construction department but the VM call Center say that they don’t have any way to connect me even though they have done in the past.

I signed up for Virgin Media over 3 months ago and have yet to be connected.

Does anyone have a contact number?



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Hi @garylfc1 thanks for your reply and confirmation - sorry to hear you've not received anymore information following last Sunday.

Please allow me to discuss this with you via a PM so I can get a complaint raised for you, and hopefully look for a resolution on this matter.

Please expect this message to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!

Many thanks


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @garylfc1 

Have you tried the pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734 ?

There's also who may be able to help

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @garylfc1,

Welcome to our Community Forums! Thank you for your first post and I'm very sorry to hear that your install has not been completed yet!

We do have a dedicated Pre-Install Team in place that you can contact on 08000521734 as @newapollo suggested. Please let us know if you've been able to get in touch with our team to discuss your install further. We're here if you need any further support.

Thank you.

Forum Team

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Thanks for your reply and advice.

I did eventually reach the department I wanted, using the number you gave, although I was transferred four times.

They have given me a date of the 12th of June but I’ll believe it when I see it.



12th June in which year?  Whilst it is a tiny, tiny number, some poor blighters have waited a year or more. 

Make sure VM pay up on the delayed installation compensation at £5.25 per day beyond their original quoted date.  Sometimes it's automatic, often it needs complaints and external adjudication to get the money.  Prospective customers are also still owed it in the situation that they tire of the delays and cancel the contract before installation, and in that situation they always need to invoke formal complaints.

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the compensation scheme. Would this be instead of the reimbursement for the 3 months that I have paid for already or would it be as well as?

Many Thanks.

Alessandro Volta

@garylfc1 wrote:

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the compensation scheme. Would this be instead of the reimbursement for the 3 months that I have paid for already or would it be as well as?

Many Thanks.

you should not have been charged - your contract and charges start on the day you go live - if you have never been connected then i would talk to your bank and get the money back via the DD scheme for wrongly taking the money

but if you have gone live sometime in the past and theres a cable fault [for example] and payments to VM had started then they will continue to collect

the compensation is different depending on which it is

if its a late install and you have never been connected then its £5.25 a day

if you have been connected and there is a total loss of service hen its £8 a day

and again if its the former they should not be taking money on a DD or any other method


Sacked VIP

Thanks again.

Whilst I’ve never been connected I have got access to my tv channels through the app but as nothing can be cast to my tv, it’s pretty useless.

Will they try to avoid repaying me because they have given me access to the app?



VM's track record on sorting out mis-billing (like the fact you're being charged even though not connected) and the payment of delayed install compensation is poor.  I'd assume you'll need to invoke a formal complaint, get fobbed off, and then take the matter to adjudication.

Since the delayed install compensation after 2 months (and counting) is £320, plus presumably around £150 of monthly charges, plus say £100 compensation for the mis-billing it's well worth fighting for.

Thank you once again.

I’ll wait until I’m fully connected and up and running before I open any complaints procedures.

Thanks for all your help.