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Constant Pre Pull Delay

Joining in


VM has been installed on our estate since March earlier this year, out initial start and installation date was going to be end of March however since then it has been rescheduled over 10 times due to our house in particular needing pre pull work due to a wire blockage.

I'm constantly getting in contact with VM who keep telling me the pre pull will happen on that never does. Therefore we are continually being given new and absolutely never going to happen installation dates.

Because of all of this we are most likely owed about £500+ in compensation so far. I don't know what to do next!? You can never speak to anyone higher up. 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @emmaclare91


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the forums, it's great to have you here.


I am so sorry that you are facing this issue with your installation and thank you so much for reaching out. 


I understand this has been very frustrating for you but I would like the chance to look into this and resolve this with you.


I will pop you a PM now so we can chat more, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of you screen alerting you to a new message.


Thanks again.