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Constant Outage

Joining in

Hi Forum,

I’ve exhausted all other contact methods so thought I’d give this a go before returning to banging my head against the nearest brick wall.

For the last six months I’ve bounced back and forth with Virgin over regular outages.  Various technicians have visited, new hubs installed, sockets changed, hubs reset etc etc.  When I explained to the engineer that it always drops when it rains he agreed with my logic that it must be something outside the house.

I was due to have a technician pull a new cable today but hasn’t been done.  I’ve tried to contact customer services via the SMS chat as the agents I’ve recently dealt with on the phone are useless.  Unfortunately, this service had the same level of resolution.  Chocolate and fire guards come to mind.

Is this an issue that only I am experiencing or is this what should be expected from VM customer service?

As I work from home I rely on internet connectivity, is there any way I can get this resolved?  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.




Alessandro Volta

Are you tracking your connection with a BQM?