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Connection problem broadband


I’ve recently moved houses and update my broadband package. I’m using the same Hub 3 from previous addresses. The problem is that VM says that they can’t see any problem on there site but I don’t have any connection on my site. WiFi light is steady green power light also steady green but internet light is flashing green, and then red after a while and green again. Been on a website trying to solved an issue followed all the steps, restart it and even factory reset it but nothing seems to be working. It’s been like that since yesterday after I connect it the first time. Can any one help me with this please? I tried to call a VM and been on hold for few hours but due to current situation I’m not surprise they busy. 

Thanks a lot!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Connection problem broadband

With acknowledgements to newapollo.

VM have recently started pre-activating their equipment, and the box should call "home" and be activated within 30 minutes, however sometimes this fails and the advice is to sign into Service status at the top of this page and run a test against the Hub / TV box you are installing. By doing this they will be able to reboot the box or put you in touch with the right team.

The old method (which still works) is to reboot the Hub / TV box, and if it doesn’t go online you need to phone to get your box activated. 0800 953 9500.

You will need the box serial number, and your account and area number.

You could also try contacting New accounts and Set Up for them to complete the setup and activation. 

That would be 150 options 1,1,1 and 4 from a Virgin landline ,


 0345 4541111 options 1,1, 2 and 4 from any other phone

The best time to call is 08:00 when lines first open and are least busy.

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