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Connecting a second TV (Multi Room)

When I had Virgin installed 7yrs ago, I chose the package with fastest internet and that happened to have multi-room included, however I did not have a second TV that I wanted to connect at the time.  The engineer went ahead and installed cables into a second room at the time (pictured) but I have never used it.

Now I would like to connect that second TV.  I believe I need another Tivo 6 box, is this the case? Or can I just use cables to connect? If so, what cable, I know it's male to male but one looks like it needs to screw/thread on?  If I need a 2nd Tivo box, how do I go about ordering one? I've looked online and it's not obvious, I've tried calling but cannot get through...




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Re: Connecting a second TV (Multi Room)

Hi you will need a second box and possibly an engineer install to make sure the signal levels are correct via the unused cable, phone 150 free from a virgin phone or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone, and go down the altering services route. Regards Micky
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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Connecting a second TV (Multi Room)

The white VM installed cable will not connect to the TV, it needs either a Tivo Box or a V6 box.

Be aware that if you get a V6 box it will need an internet connection through the VM Hub either ethernet cable (best) or Wi-Fi (poor). The Tivo has an internet modem built in so just needs the white cable attaching.

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