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Connecting a remote second TV to a Tivo Box

Hi all, I had a second TV in my office, connected via a gizmo box (Scart to Coax cable, which I purchased at Maplins, with a set of preset jumper switches on), that worked fine on my older box. (Although it would only play the same as being watched in that room, which wasn't a problem)!
However, since upgrading to a V6 and the TIVO box being put in the bedroom, the signal to the second TV is very distorted? (Having checked to connections, what signal there was is no longer there)???
Apart from taking up floor boards and making holes in walls big enough to crawl through to re-route a different cable through, any suggestions would be welcome please?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Connecting a remote second TV to a Tivo Box

Just to be clear - the Tivo (now moved upstairs) is connected to the VM network (via a coax connection) and showing as a second box on your account - isnt it ?


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