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Connect to another households router

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Am I imagining things or was I able to link to another households VM router.  I believe BT customers can. 



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Hi @wilber_force, thanks for getting back to us.

Have you had any success since posting?  Also, as my colleague and your fellow community members have suggested, is it an issue with connecting to WiFi hotspots, or are you attempting to do something else, but similar?



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Very Insightful Person

Can you explain what you are trying to do? Any VM hub can see any other VM hub and all other WAN addresses. Wether they can then access that router is a different matter, it’s all down to security.

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Obviously I can log onto my router, but somewhere in the dim and distant past, I have a recollection that I can connect to, for example someone else's router in the next street as I will past.  I don't know where this thought has come from other than I was in a car with someone and he could connect to a BT router as we past by the house where this router was. 

Maybe I'm imagining that VM customers can do same.

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @wilber_force 

It may be that the person with the BT connection rather foolishly hadn't set up a password for their internet connection, therefore any Tom, Dick or Harry could connect.


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If you mean VM WiFi hotspots then, yes, you can.  You'd need to download the Virgin Media Connect app to your phone.  There's an issue with Android 11 and above but on earlier Android versions and IOS you'll be able to use it to connect to VM hotspots provided by users' hubs.


This maybe what I'm thinking of.


I know BT used to have a service where you could share a portion of your service via your router for public use.  I'm not familiar with Virgin Media Connect but looking at the map, it appears to be the same thing.

Which beggars the question, is this on by default on all VM connections using the standard router and how do you turn it off?

@Resonate wrote:

Which beggars the question, is this on by default on all VM connections using the standard router and how do you turn it off?

It's on by default but you can opt out by logging into MyVirgin Media and going to Update Settings>WiFi Hotspots and unticking the opt-in box on the following page.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 194532.png

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Assume this only comes on after install as it shows an error for me.  I am having a debacle with my install and hours on phone to pre install team currently.  Reading this forum it seems I am not alone!

Hi Resonate, 

Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum 🙂 

I am so sorry to hear you are having issues with our pre-install team, have you managed to reach them since your post?

Lets us know 🙂