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Connect broadband Hub 4

Tuning in

Hub 4 connection issue

Cannot connect the hub 4 to my Samsung 22plus connect app... I spent 54min to customer service due to Internet problems as we were expecting a technician that was cancelled and no help with the app.

I was told to use it but does it no long work?






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Phil76


Sorry to hear of the problems with your broadband connection and the Connect App, thanks for raising this via the forums.


We can see you have spoken to the team since posting, we trust everything was covered during this call and the necessary arrangement made? Please let us know.


Also, can you expand on the issues experienced with the Connect App? What error messages did you get via the app? What were you trying to do? Was it just connecting it to the Hub?




When you attempt to connect to the "Samsung TV" to the Hub 4 exactly what happens ?

Start with

Does the Samsung detect the WI-Fi from the Hub 4 ?

What error message is given on the screen of the TV when you attempt to connect ?